Saturday, April 16, 2011

Korres Monoi Oil Bronzing Powder

Some bronzers run the risk of turning my face a horrible shade of red.  This was the case with my MAC Cosmetics bronzing powder, which, when I applied to my whole face, made me look extremely hot.  The giant particles of unflattering glitter didn't help, either.  And so I began a search for a new bronzer that will give me color without making me look like I just ran a mile.  I believe I found a winner in Korres Monoi Oil Bronzing Powder in 2 Sunglow Warm.

Korres is a natural beauty brand from Athens, Greece.  That means this bronzer is made without parabens, mineral oil, or any other synthetic ingredient that will irritate your skin.  Monoi oil, in case anyone was curious, comes from the petals of Tahitian gardenias soaked in coconut oil.  I found this interesting.  I was first attracted to the pretty color of the bronzer; it's a pretty gold shade that is mostly matte (there is a minuscule amount of shimmer in the actual powder that doesn't show up on your face) without being chalky.  There are no red undertones, which makes me extremely happy.  I know this will probably sound strange, but the powder actually smells good.  It smells kind of nutty, but reminds me of vacation.  When I apply this bronzer to my whole face, I get a pretty, subtle glow that doesn't look like I've piled on a ton of product.  I use the bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush to apply.

The packaging of this product is okay, but nothing too exciting.  I find the plastic to be a little flimsy, like something you'd find in a cheaper brand from a drugstore.  I do like the large mirror inside, though.  Even with the less than stellar packaging, I would still recommend this bronzing powder.  It retails for $28 USD for .39 ounces (a decent amount of product).  You can purchase it at Sephora by clicking here.

Korres Bronzing Powder on my skin; subtle, but very pretty.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Song of the Day

In honor of all things fabulous.

Summer Foundation

While it's important to practice good sun habits (like using sunscreen every day), it's unusual that a person's skin tone will stay the same shade throughout the year.  I, for example, have olive skin regardless of the season, but my paleness in the dead of winter contrasts greatly with the glow I get over the summer.  I noticed when I returned from Florida (back in February) that my usual MAC NW25 foundation was too light, although it was perfectly suitable a week before.  I've been using that foundation every day, but as summer approaches, I know NW25 won't cut it.  That's why I decided to purchase a summer foundation.

Take Vanessa Hudgens, for example.  Here she is (above), in all of her beautiful olive-skinned glory, but looking a bit paler than we usually see her.

While I'm sure her skin tone in the picture on the right is the result of a few encounters with an airbrush machine, anyone can see that the same shade of foundation would never suit both skin tones shown here.

Besides modifying every aspect of her makeup (frosty light pink lips are traded for a juicy rose gloss, pinky-coral blush takes place of a nearly naked face), the most obvious change is her tan.

I, for one, will be switching to NW35 in my favorite foundation, MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Foundation.

Take a look below!  Although it seems like only a subtle change, using a slightly darker foundation shade will really warm up your face over the summer months.  It may seem like a waste of money to buy a second bottle of foundation, but the customization you'll get (switching shades, mixing them together) will really make it worth your while.

Did you switch foundation for the summer?  What are your winter and summer shades? Leave comments!! Xx