Monday, November 21, 2011

TIGI Cosmetics, Part 3 - Lip Color

On to the third installation of swatching all of the TIGI Cosmetics I can get my hands on. Today, I present lip colors. First, let's take a looksie at some Decadent Lipsticks! These lipsticks are described as having a "long lasting formula" with "no shine." TIGI also recommends using this color as a "lip stain, blusher, or even eyeshadow base" which kind of skeeves me out. I don't think I'd ever use a lipstick as an eyeshadow base. These lipsticks are super creamy and pigmented, and don't seem to rub off. Bliss, Faith, and Finesse are all amazing. Beauty is the strangest shade; it reminds me of a sheer version of Chanel's Paradoxal nail polish, if that makes sense. The only issue with the lipsticks, and one that might bother you if you're sensitive to this sort of thing, is the smell. They have a very strong lipsticky/waxy smell that you'd probably relate to kids' play makeup. The top photo is kind of horrible, as it doesn't show the iridescent shimmer in some of the shades. Click here to see an alternate photo which showcases this a bit more.

Top photo, from left to right: Decadent Lipstick in Gossip, Splendor, Bliss, Fierce, Honesty, Peace, and Happiness. Bottom photo, from left to right: Beauty, Faith, Loyalty, Power, Passion, Finesse, and Luxury.

Below, Lip Cremes, which contain antioxidants and emollients to keep lips moisturized. These come with a felt tip, twist-up applicator. These lip colors are very creamy, and most shades have some type of shimmer, with the exception of Miami and Manhattan. The formula is sticky and thick, but it doesn't feel uncomfortable. I think these are very pretty.

From left to right: Lip Creme in Maui, Monaco, Malibu, Madrid, Miami, and Manhattan.

And last but not least, Luxe Lipgloss. These glosses are super shiny and moisturizing. The glosses either have a peppermint or vanilla (smells more like chocolate, though) fragrance. Dumb Blonde is a clear gloss, and Superficial and Diamonds & Pearls both apply clear with gold and silver glitter, respectively. Goddess is the only shade that contains no frost or shimmer.

From left to right: Luxe Lipgloss in Superstar, Superficial, Your Highness, Goddess, Foxy, Dumb Blonde, and Diamonds & Pearls.

All of the TIGI lip products are impressive. They pack a lot of color and shine, and they all stay on well. As I said before, the only problem is the smell of the lipsticks, but if that is something you can ignore, go for it! If you've previously tried any of these products, leave comments below and let me know what you think! Phew, I just realized this was a wordy post. 

Oh, and happy Monday everyone! I hope this week goes by fast so we can get to all of the Thanksgiving festivities, hehe! Remember to vote in my poll below, please and thank you! Look for more posts this week on my latest beauty purchases, including foundations, lipstick and more. Talk to you soon! Xx

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