Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ouai Cool

I never thought the day would come when I stopped using volumizing shampoos and conditioners and switched to products promising to repair my hair, but alas, going blonde requires some haircare overhaul. Although I go a (way too long) period between highlights, all of the bleach takes a toll on my strands. I wanted to try something both hydrating and sulfate-free, so perusing Sephora brought me to OUAI Haircare. This line, crafted by celebrity hairdresser Jen Atkins (of Kardashian and J. Lo fame), promises to repair my ends and preserve my color. The scent, reminiscent of soft rose soap, is not overpowering, and the silkiness of my hair, formerly hay-like, is a pleasant surprise. I've only used the two products a few times, but hopefully I'll fall ouai, ouai in love with this line.

Available at Sephora and OUAI Haircare.

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