Monday, February 28, 2011

Inside My Makeup Bag

Earlier this week I did a post on being organized, and after carefully pruning out my makeup bag, I have finally restricted it to simply the essentials.  I used to carry everything with my in my makeup bag; I'm talking eyeshadow palettes, a million lipglosses and lipsticks, tinted moisturizer, etc.  Now I store these things in my basket or in my train case at home, and keep things that I know I use on-the-go in my makeup bag.  Here's a look inside my makeup bag and what I carry with me:

How cute is that makeup bag? A fabulous gift from my best friend Viktorija.

Rosebud Salve - As I've said before, I'm mildly obsessed with Rosebud Salve.  It works wonders on my chapped lips, but leaves a pretty sheen.

Clear Eyes Eye Drops - Even though I've been wearing glasses almost every day lately, I do occasionally wear my contact lenses, and every time I do, my eyes get super dry.  I try to use these throughout the day to keep my eyes from falling out, ha ha.

Jane Iredale Active Light Concealer - I use this concealer for the dark circles around my eyes, and I love it.  I've got dark eyelids too, and this is creamy enough to highlight and cover.  And the pen apparatus is very convenient.

MAC Cosmetics Blush in Dollymix - Bright pink in the container, perfect flushed color on my cheeks. I use the MAC Cosmetics #129 Brush to apply.

Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation - Oily skin becomes a problem throughout the day, and this powder works wonders on getting rid of shine.  I carry the Bare Escentuals Full Flawless Face brush to apply this powder, instead of the sponge it comes with.

CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara and L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara - I always like wearing two mascaras.  L'Oreal Voluminous is my favorite because it's buildable and super dark.  I like to experiment with the second mascara I wear, and the CoverGirl was my latest try.  It's not amazing, but I don't hate it.

Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner - Rimming my eyes with black liner is an easy and quick look.

So there you have it, my essentials for a beautiful day.  What's in your makeup bag?  Are you due for a makeup bag overhaul like I was?

Monday is here, and I hope everyone has a wonderful week.  Xx

Academy Awards Beauty

The Academy Awards!  The Oscars!  Whatever you want to call them, the Academy Awards are the Holy Grail of Hollywood events, the highlight of award season, and the most exciting night of my life, ha ha.  I, of course, posted up for my annual Oscar celebration in the comfort of my living room, and could not be more excited to watch the show.  I feel that the celebs on the red carpet departed from traditional style this year, with many of the ladies choosing column dresses and leaning toward avant-garde styles.  Not to say that I didn't find any of the looks beautiful, but I am more of a traditionalist and would have loved to see a ball gown or two (or an updo!).  This evening, the Academy Awards churned out the usual stunners: Mila Kunis was tan and radiant, opting for a softer look than she has lately, and Amy Adams was a picture of perfection with brushed-out waves and a sparkling gown.  And how about all of the red!  Definitely the color of the year.  Of course, with the good comes the bad.  Jennifer Hudson sported a hideously lopsided updo, and Reese Witherspoon looked like she went out and bought a ponytail clip instead of styling her hair.  Tonight, I chose three favorite looks: Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and Halle Berry.

The lovely host Anne Hathaway had a million costume changes, and each was more beautiful than the last.  Here she is on the red carpet, sporting a loose, low bun, porcelain skin, and ruby lips.  I really think the lighter hair shade suits her well.  Anne followed the most basic rule of keeping the rest of her face relatively simple when wearing a red lip.  For a similar look, try Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Smoke Red.

Talk about a bombshell!  Jennifer Lawrence evoked Scarlett Johansson (circa Golden Globes 2006) in a long red column gown, loose blonde waves, and a sexy smoky eye.  It's no secret that I am a giant fan of big hair, and Jennifer goes for lush volume without looking over-the-top (pay attention Reese!).  The eye color here is soft, smoky, and sultry.  Want to try it?  I'd suggest MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe.

Halle always looks flawless, if you ask me.  I like her return to the cropped hairstyle (I didn't think long curls did much for her).  This evening, Halle opted for bronze tones, choosing to go heavy on the shadow and light on the lips.  I would love to try this look on myself soon.  If you would too, try NARS Single Eyeshadow in Galapagos.

Did you watch the Academy Awards?  No surprises as far as the awards go, I know!  What were your favorite looks?

Photos from Getty and Wire Images

Friday, February 25, 2011

I need to get ORGANIZED!

I am running out of places to keep things.  I have my train case for all of my makeup, my makeup bag for things I use when I'm out, but I hate lugging around a million things that I only use once a day.  In an attempt to get myself a little more organized, I've acquired this cute basket from Michael's to keep my everyday items together.  I'm talking primer, face lotion, foundation, etc. etc.  Rather than allowing everything to pile up on the bathroom counter, I figured this would be a good way to keep these items within easy access.

Next up is nail polishes.  I have a million, and I just throw them in some plastic tub and forget they exist.  It's sad!  I need a better system.

How do you organize your beauty products?  Do you keep everyday items separate from the rest of your stash?  How about your nail polishes?  I need some inspiration, people!

Today is Friday, yay! I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend.  Xx

Monday, February 14, 2011

A little more love...

My friend Anggie (who does wonderful nails) gave herself a Valentine's Day themed manicure, so I just had to share!

So festive.  I love them!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day dolls!  I know many people have a lot of pessimism toward Valentine's Day, but I think a day dedicated to love and romance can't be a bad thing (even if it means spending lots of money, ha ha).  So in honor of Valentine's Day, I've composed a little list of things that can make this day a bit more festive!

1.Physician's Formula Happy Booster™Glow & Mood Boosting Blush- What a long name for such a small product!  This blush claims to enhance your mood using plant extracts and violet fragrance; I'm not sure if that actually works, but the pretty pink color is enough to get me smiling!

2.Diptyque Kuntzel Deygas Candle Duo- Nothing says love like this romantic pairing of two harmonious scents.  The packaging is stylishly adorable, and the rose scents will surely please any romantic.

3.MAC Lipstick in Impassioned- The name says it all!  This bright yet wearable pink will make your smile a little brighter and leave the cutest kiss marks on your significant other, ha ha.

4.ASOS "Love" Earrings- These cute studs are simple but speak volumes.  Cursive gold letters let everyone know what you're looking for this Valentine's Day.

5.OPI Nail Lacquer in I Think In Pink- One of my favorite shades.  Sheer, pretty pink that still packs a punch.  Wear it on your nails to make a statement when you're blowing kisses to your Valentine.

 Well there you go, a few things to ensure you have a sweet Valentine's Day.  Tell those who are close to you that you love them, and be happy!  Have a great day! Xx

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Working at a hair salon has resulted in my addiction to hair products.  I am always buying new products as soon as we get them, even if I don't necessarily need it (hello, my annoyingly soft hair does not need MoroccanOil, but does that stop me from getting it? NO).  Even though I bought dry shampoo, I never really jumped on the bandwagon; I didn't see enough of a difference to continue buying it (I used TIGI's Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo).  I couldn't resist, though, when one of the lovely ladies I work with started using Oribe products.  I had to try something from the line, and luckily, my introduction was the Dry Texturizing Spray.

 I'm not really sure if it's technically a "dry shampoo"; Oribe's website describes it as an "invisible dry spray [that] builds in incredible volume and sexy texture."  Let me tell you! Whether I use it in clean or dirty hair, I definitely see a difference.  When I spray it into my clean hair, I get loads of volume and my style stays in place.  Using it in dirty hair allows me to gather my hair in pretty buns and ponytails or restyle it loose and down.  The smell is really nice but sometimes comes off a little strong.  And the packaging is absolutely beautiful!

If you're looking for a dry shampoo but are turned off by the idea of white, powdery sprays, I would recommend Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.  This product doesn't come cheap: one can (8.5 oz) will set you back 39 dollars.  But hey, for some of us, you can't put a price on good hair!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sorry for the long pause!

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to quickly apologize for being M.I.A., but I was in Miami all week!  Let me just tell you, it was an amazing time and the weather was phenomenal.  I haven't really had a break since I've been home yet, but rest assured I will be updating with new posts this week.  Maybe I'll post some pictures from my trip too!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday.  The week is halfway over, yay! Xx