Sunday, April 18, 2010


Has anyone ever heard of "geocaching"? Apparently, it's this huge community of people who use GPS technology to hunt down these containers that may be filled with treasure. I feel like I've heard it mentioned before, but my sister told me that a woman she knows is an active geocacher, so I wanted to look into it a bit more. I browsed on the website, and there are all of these rules on how to geocache, like leaving something in place of a container that you find, etc. It sounds like a ton of fun, so my sister and I decided we would try it out. We haven't really started anything yet, except signing up on the website.

Some die-hard geocachers go all over the world looking for treasure, but I think we'll start small and stick to local hunts, haha. I'm interested to see what we find! ... in case you are interested!

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