Friday, November 18, 2011

TIGI Cosmetics, Part 2 - Liners & Cream Shadows

So here it is, the first of a huuuge batch of TIGI Cosmetics swatches. I'll present all of the products a few at a time. Next week, I'll work on lip and shadow products. For today, we'll start with Pencil Liners.

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From left to right: Eye Pencils in Black, Brown, Royalty, Blue, Peacock, Green, and Lip Pencils in Nude, Decaf, Espresso, Kiss, Couture.

And below, Long Wearing Creme Eyeshadows, followed by Black Patent Liquid Liner and the Precision Black Eyeliner Pen.

From left to right: Long Wearing Creme Eyeshadows in Bubbly, Brown Sugar, Purple, Playful, Imperial Grey, Black Patent Liquid Liner, and the Precision Black Eyeliner Pen.

The first thing I can say about all of these products is the longevity of wear. When I first played with the liners and cream shadows on Wednesday, they stayed on even after washing my hands several times. Today, it took some pretty heavy scrubbing to get all of the swatches off. 

I like the color selection of the eye pencils, especially Royalty, which is a pretty royal bluish purple with a touch of shimmer. Peacock seems a little electric for me, and Black isn't as intense as I'd probably like. The lip pencils are a nice texture, but I think the color selection could be a little more exciting. All of the lip pencils lean a little brown. The pencils are all very creamy and blendable, and they come with a little smudge tip on the other end. 

Cream shadows are not my favorite, so these aren't really an exception. As you can see from the swatches, it's hard to get the perfect amount on the applicator (which is a sponge tip). There is a nice variation of colors, though (I think the Imperial Grey shade is my favorite, followed by Bubbly). The Black Patent Liquid Liner is nice and shiny and black! It doesn't bleed, unlike the Precision Black Eyeliner Pen, which doesn't carry as much pigment as a black liquid liner should.
All in all, I really like the eye and lip pencils. The cream shadows are nice, but not anything to get too excited about. I'm partial to my MAC Fluidline eye liner, so I don't see myself switching to these liquid liners anytime soon. Let me know what you think of these products in the comments below, and let me know what you want to see next! Xx

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