Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY - Trench Coat Makeover

I've always loved the idea of a classic trench, but a $1500 Burberry trench seems a little science fiction/fantasy right now. I found a simple trench coat (I can't even remember where now) about two years ago and have loved it to pieces, but I feel like with the sketchiness that is Michigan weather I rarely wear it! Also, even though the trench was cute as pie, I hated the buttons on it. They looked like giant silver UFOs. This weekend's mini-DIY project was to replace the buttons on my coat. I picked some military-style buttons up at Jo-Ann Fabric for around two dollars a piece, and replaced (okay, I grandmother replaced. I can't sew to save my life!) all of the buttons. Viola, a brand new coat for less than twenty dollars!

The dunce that I am, I forgot to take before pictures. :( But below you can see what the before buttons looked like (blech!) and the replacements. Maybe if the weather chills out a little (it was 80 something degrees today! In March! In Michigan!!) I can wear the dang thing and post some photos.

See what I mean about the UFOs??

So there you have it! Have you given any of your favorite pieces mini-makeovers? Any DIY projects you want to start? Leave comments below! Xx


  1. looks amazing! xx