Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monthly Must-Haves: March

Did you hear? It snowed today here in Michigan, breaking a record from 1880 with a total of 94.8" of snow this winter. Lovely, right? Yesterday, it was almost 70 degrees in the morning, and today I was pulling out my boots again! When will it ever end?? Just when I was getting exciting about pulling out my favorite springtime beauty products, I'm right back to slathering on facial cream and using hand lotion like it's nobody's business. The forecast for the rest of the week looks less bleak than today, so I'll stay optimistic that I'll be wearing my favorite spring Chloé fragrance soon.

This winter, I tried lots of new products and found some new favorites that will become part of my permanent arsenal. I figured I'd share my most-used products from March. Here's to hoping that April's favorites are more suitable for sunshiny days!

Monthly Must-Haves: March

Clarisonic Mia 2: There is absolutely zero exaggeration in me saying that the Clarisonic is a lifesaver. We all hear bloggers and gurus wax poetic about how great a Clarisonic is for your skin, but until you've tried it for yourself, you won't be prepared for how beautiful it makes your skin look and feel. I'll do a separate post on my new love for my Clarisonic, but know that I've been using it every single day!
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Bang: This creamy orangey-red lipstick was my go-to when my face was feeling a little blah. It really brightened up my complexion, wore for a long time, and felt very comfortable on the lips. I like the Revolution formula, and added a few more shades to my collection this month.
Oribe Crème for Style: I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Oribe products. Last year when I was using them, I felt like my hair got really greasy really quickly. It might be because of the fact that my hair is lighter now (meaning a little more texture), but I've been using this cream every day before blowdrying. It keeps my hair nice and sleek, and smells amazing.
Sephora Collection Classic Brow Filler Brush #100 and Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony: It's been an ongoing struggle trying to find the perfect product to fill my brows in with. They look dark in person, but in pictures, you can barely see them (even though I keep them thick). This waxy cream makes my brows look sculpted and deep. Beware, though: a tiny bit goes a loooong way.
essie Nail Color in Forever Yummy: I've been looking for a classic lipstick red polish for some time, but am never satisfied. This is it.
Josie Maran Argan Oil: My skin is super oily, so the idea of putting even more oil on top of it is terrifying. Like I said, it has been a treacherous winter here in Michigan, and my skin was thirsty. I would dab a few drops of this on dry spots and watch them disappear. I am probably alone in this, but I do wish this oil was scented; I feel like a nice, light fragrance would make it feel more luxurious.
Prada Candy L'Eau: I wore the parfum version of this fragrance last winter, and oddly enough, it would make my chest break out every time I would put it on. This version is still sultry but a little lighter, and had no adverse effects on my skin. Did you see that there is now a Floral version of this scent? I might be in fragrance trouble…
Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara: I'm not really sure what the point of the hourglass wand is, but the formula is a beautiful inky black that allows me to wear multiple coats without looking clumpy or flakey. A new favorite formula, for sure.

What were some of your beauty necessities last month? Are there any products you're really hoping to try out this spring? Did it snow by you this week? Leave comments, and I'll talk to you all soon! Xx

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