Monday, December 23, 2013

Evening Essentials

Packing a clutch for nighttime excursions is quite the task; what I bring with me depends on where I'm going. Weddings, for example, require less baggage than a night on the town (can't remember the last time I did THAT!). Recently, I attended a friend's wedding and made sure to bring these essentials with me. Yes, my lip look requires four products, but more is always more! I don't like to bring too much with me, and honestly, with a clutch this size, it's hard to fit more than a few items inside. I brought a few bobby pins in case my hair didn't feel like holding up, a pick (old habits die hard), license and debit card, cell phone, and an extra pair of earrings (in case I have an accessory change of heart). More than that and I'd be lugging my whole tote with me.

MAC Prep + Prime Lip

What are some of your evening essentials? Is your clutch bare-bones, or do you haul it all with you? Leave comments below! Xx


  1. What does Mac Prep and Prime do?

    1. It's a lip primer so your lip products stay in place!