Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hustle Real Hard

If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge movie fan. I watch trailers in my spare time, host award-show parties, and frequent theaters whenever I can. Time off from work this week meant I got to see a couple of films, "American Hustle" and "The Wolf of Wall Street" (more on the atrocious latter in another post). Ever since seeing the initial trailer for "American ages ago, I had high hopes for the film. I was not disappointed, and "American Hustle" has my vote for best film of 2013. Click on the jump to read more!

The film boasts an amazing cast (including a very cool secret cameo…I won't spoil it!), an awesome script, and most importantly, fashion to die for. Amy Adams, one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, plays the whip-smart con artist Sydney Prosser. Her wardrobe is the epitome of 70s chic, featuring plunging necklaces, sequined slinky gowns, and textured coats. Her hair was amazing in nearly every shot, with styles ranging from soft bedroom waves to kinky disco curls.

I've always been a fan of fashion from this era, and "American Hustle" truly showcased the cool glamour of the waning 70s. Sure, Jennifer Lawrence's modern Gibson Girl updo was charming, but Adam's stab at cosmopolitan (and Cosmopolitan; Sydney works for the magazine) couture in 1978 stole the show. Feeling inspired, I created a few modern-day (I'm talking 2014!) interpretations of Sydney's wardrobe. Check it out below!
American Hustle

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday with your families. Did you get a chance to see the film this week? If so, what were your thoughts? Do you find 70s fashion to be as alluring as I do? Leave comments below! Xx


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  2. I loved this movie and love your modern interpretation of the 70s wardrobe from the film. Id love to see more movie-inspired posts :) xoxo

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  4. I loved this movie and love the outfits you've put together. Great post!