Sunday, January 30, 2011


Lately I've had this weird thing for candles.  Not only do they look pretty, but I like the idea of a nice fragrance throughout an entire room.  I've been searching for a candle that smells amazing...I'm either looking for a gourmand fragrance or something clean and fresh (I know, opposite ends of the spectrum).  I liked Henri Bendel's Quince candle, but I feel like the fragrance wasn't as strong as I'd like.  After some browsing online, I was intrigued by Tocca candles, especially the Cleopatra scent.  36 dollars might be a little steep for a candle, but if it smells as good as the reviews say, I think it's worth it.
Have any of you tried Tocca candles?  What do you think of the scent, overpowering or luxurious?  What's your favorite home fragrance?

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