Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes Beauty

I absolutely adore awards show season!  As we all know, the Golden Globes were presented tonight on NBC (I was so excited that "The Social Network" won Best Picture- Drama, it was definitely my favorite of the year).  I watched in awe as the beautiful celebrities arrived wearing fabulous gowns and looking as great as ever.  I think a lot of celebs stepped their game up this year.  Catherine Zeta-Jones, Eva Longoria, Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman were my favorite looks of the evening.  As far as beauty goes, I was really impressed with Jennifer Lopez and Emma Stone.

Seriously, how fabulous is J. Lo?  Her makeup is always flawless, and tonight was no exception.  Her dress was quite detailed, so I like how she avoided a complex hairstyle and decided to go for a sleek pony.  A silver smoky eye was the main focus of her face.  Even when other celebs try to tone down their makeup, Jennifer Lopez believes in old-school glamour.  I love it.  Trying to copy the look?  I'd suggest MAC Cosmetics Pigment in Platinum.

On the opposite end of the beauty spectrum is Emma Stone.  Her beauty look was much more demure, but stunning nonetheless.  Emma shows how you can coordinate your makeup to your dress without overdoing it.  The peach tone of her dress is enhanced by peach cheeks and light lips.  I like to call the color of her dress "Myrtle Beach peach"; it reminds me of Myrtle Beach t-shirts my parents bought us in the early 90's.  I know her thing is to be a redhead, but I enjoy her blonde hair- it suits her!  If you want to try the look, I'd suggest NARS Blush in Deep Throat.

While all of the ladies (and gentlemen!) looked great, these two really hit home runs for me.  What were your favorite looks from the Golden Globes? 

Photos from Yahoo and Getty Images

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