Monday, January 3, 2011

Vampy lipglosses

I went to Sephora yesterday looking at different lipsticks, and I decided to pick this gloss up by NARS.  The gloss is called Bougainville, and the Sephora website describes it as "pomegranate".  I think this (and another similar gloss that had a bit of shimmer in it) is part of NARS' holiday collection.  It's a dark berry color that's dramatic without being overpowering, and there is no shimmer in it at all.  I really like NARS lipglosses, they feel great on and the colors are all so pretty.  I also think this gloss would look great with a deep lipstick underneath if you're looking for something more powerful.

Yesterday, my best friend Tori and I exchanged Christmas gifts (a little late, I know).  She got me this fabulous gloss by Kat Von D.  I really love Kat Von D's line of cosmetics; everything is super-pigmented and lasts forever.  This particular gloss is Hellbent, and to me, it's a perfect blood red.  It's one of the Painted Love glosses, meaning that it's more opaque and pigmented than her other glosses.  I love to wear a red lip, and usually I wear MAC lipstick in Brave Red with Lancome Juicy Tubes in Berry Bold over it.  This is a nice one-step product that gives a high-impact red lip.  My only problem with this particular product is the smell, which is kind of weird and fruity.  Not too strong to deter me, though!

I really love to do a dark, dramatic lip, especially in the winter.  I know the general rule is to wear neutral eye makeup if you're going to wear a dramatic lip, but I still wear tons of liner and mascara.  Below are some pictures of me wearing each color.  Pardon the messy application, haha.  Try one (or both) out, I think you'll enjoy them!
NARS Lipgloss in Bougainville
Kat Von D Painted Love Lipgloss in Hellbent

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